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Måløy Maritime Group guarantees quality and precision across the entire cluster.


Måløy Maritime Group has vast experience on maritime operations.

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Måløy Maritime Group offers a complete range of maritime services.


Måløy Maritime Group is available 24/7.

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About us

Måløy Maritime Group is a cluster of 15 companies that all operate in the maritime industry in Måløy, Norway. The cluster offers a complete range of services to the fleet, undertaking all relevant operations, available 24/7. Måløy Maritime Group as a unit, represents a complete industrial cluster, able to undertake all relevant operations in the maritime industry. The group as such has all necessary skills to be a complete supplier of all services needed for the fleet.

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venues 2020

Smárinn, Iceland

15th - 17th of september
Stand: G80c

Aalborg, denmark

13th - 15th of october
Stand: H985


Måløy Maritime Group

Office address
Odd Fellow Gården
Gate 1, nr 234
N- 6700 Måløy

Contact person
Miriam Edler
Email: info@maloymaritime.no
Mobile: +47 99 39 15 99

Service point for the North Sea