Måløy Maritime Group

General supply & Port facilities

Four of the companies in MMG can provide all necessary supplies and equipment for the fleet:

  • Bunkers and lubricants
  • Fire prevention services
  • Provisions and packaging
  • Tools


Verlo operates today as an industrial warehouse with sales of machines, motors, hardware, industrial products and stores parts for their engine brands. In addition, they run a slipway and shipyard service for Yamaha and the entire Yanmar engine program.


MHSERVICE AS is a bunkering-company with facilities on the West-coast of Norway. Through our partners and barges, the company can supply MGO, DMA and other distillates in all Norwegian ports.


Sentronik is the main supplier in Måløy port and district for: automated and handheld extinguishing systems; fire alarms; breathing apparatuses; high-pressure compressors; and fire retardant clothing.

Nordfjord Havn

Nordfjord Havn IKS manages sea areas on behalf of 4 municipalities in Nordfjord – Vågsøy, Selje, Gloppen and Stryn.