Måløy Maritime Group

Installation & Electric systems

The MMG cluster has three companies that specialize in the sourcing, production and installation of equipment and systems within the following areas:

  • Electrical installation services
  • Ventilation and insulation systems
  • Radio and communications systems
  • Onboard cargo storage and conveyor systems
  • On board cutting and gutting systems

Ulvesund elektro

Ulvesund Elektro AS can assist you with electrical installations in commercial buildings, programming and upgrading control systems for machinery and ICT installations in Sogn og Fjordane. Electrical services cover a wide range of areas: lighting, heating, telecommunications and IT. 


Isovent has extensive experience in the field of ventilation and technical insulation. We are located on Måløy and has a subdivision in Nordfjordeid. Our customer base is both land-based industry and the maritime market. We have close and good relations towards the shipyards we have around us.


Ocean Electronics AS is a new company name, but carries long traditions. Ocean Electronics AS is the result of a merger in 2018 by the companies Måløy Radioforretning AS in Måløy and Sigurd Solberg AS in Florø. Together, but also each for us, we have long experience in ship electronics.