Måløy Maritime Group

Naval consult

Naval Consult has delivered custom ship design to demanding customers since 1983. Ship Owners especially recognize us for having true hands-on knowledge of fishing- and general operations. 

Fishing vessels have been our key focus, and since our entry into that market, Naval Consult has been an active part in the development of especially the medium sized fleet (20-50m). The most successful vessels of the Norwegian “coastal fishing fleet” are designed by Naval Consult, and we are currently developing new prestige vessels together with the most progressive ship owners. Our designs embrace all aspects from state-of-the-art operations and fish handling, proven solutions for smooth and troublefree operations, and we combine efficient hull forms with propulsion solutions for efficient operation with minimal fuel expences.

For the ship owner that is ready to take the step further into the future, we integrate eco-friendly fuels in the design.