Måløy Maritime Group

Ocean Electronics

Ocean Electronics AS is a new company name, but carries long traditions. Ocean Electronics AS is the result of a merger in 2018 by the companies Måløy Radioforretning AS in Måløy and Sigurd Solberg AS in Florø. Together, but also each for us, we have long experience in ship electronics.

Ocean Electronics sells electronic equipment for navigation/control, communications, fish finding, monitoring and safety for all types of vessels. We provide equipment solutions from very basic to large integrated bridge systems, which we tailor to your needs. We carry out service, installation and commissioning of equipment, on all types of vessels, newbuildings and sailing vessels.

We have a skilled staff consisting of engineers, technicians and case managers, with many years of experience in the subject. Keeping our team professionally updated is also a priority and something we focus on. We emphasize being mobile and meeting up where needed – when needed. After the merger, we have gained better capacity and are more flexible on the service and installation side. Expertise and service are crucial for our customers and is something Ocean Electronics takes pride in performing best possible.

In summary, Ocean Electronics supplies all of the electronics to vessels

• Navigation and steering 
• Maritime Radio / GMDSS 
• Fishfinding
• Satellite TV / antenna equipment 
• Satellite communication Vsat 
• Bridge Consoles
• Alarm system / monitoring 
• Technical drawing/documentation 
• Joystick / DP