Måløy Maritime Group

Ulvesund Elektro

Ulvesund Elektro AS can assist you with electrical installations in commercial buildings, programming and upgrading control systems for machinery and ICT installations in Sogn og Fjordane. Electrical services cover a wide range of areas: lighting, heating, telecommunications and IT. Essentially there are electrical forces and energy in all of the systems we surround ourselves with, and we can assist you with most of them. 

  • Design and installation of electrical systems in homes and commercial buildings.
  • Design, installation and construction surveys of electrical systems for the maritime industry.
  • Telecommunications, IT networks and switchers/routers: Great expertise in the design, installation and servicing of telecoms/IT systems. Our solutions always use reliable, modern equipment.
  • Thermal imaging camera for measuring surface temperatures.
  • Automation for industrial customers, shipping and buildings. We can assist you in areas such as programming, industrial touchscreens, monitoring systems, control systems, access control and lighting design.
  • Aerial work platform hire: We can supply various types of aerial work platforms suitable for most needs.