Måløy Maritime Group


Verlo operates today as an industrial warehouse with sales of machines, motors, hardware, industrial products and stores parts for their engine brands. In addition, they run a slipway and shipyard service for Yamaha and the entire Yanmar engine program.

Verlo is a versatile company. Since the start in 1936 they have been working with sales of assorted goods and repair of boats.
Over many years, Verlo has gained extensive experience in motors and machines in general and perform repair and service on most brands. Since they are a dealer of both Yamaha and Yanmar, they can offer the sale and installation of new engines for both leisure and commercial vessels at a competitive price.

Their hydraulic controlled boat slip can accommodate boats up to 100 feet in length, 7,8 feet in width and 300 tons. For smaller boats, they have two smaller slipway carts. In addition, they have lifting cranes for smaller boats for placing them under roof.