Måløy Maritime Group
Crew delighted with Loppa’s speed
March 16, 2020

«Loppa» has revolutionized cutting process for fishing giant, Nergård Havfiske.

Loppa, produced by Havfront AS, is the world’s smallest heading and gutting machine, and has done wonders for the efficiency of Kågtind 2. Johann Johansson, technical supervisor at Nergård Havfiske states that the efficiency has quadrupled. Havfront and Nergård Havfiske signed a contract in 2019 for one machine, which is placed on Kågtind 2 and they have been using Loppa since January.
– The crew is very pleased. The big difference is that they can take the fish with both hands, instead of having a knife in one hand and a large 12 kg cod in the other, then place it in the Loppa for cutting, Johansson says. – Loppa takes up little space and is easy to maintain.
A second machine is now considered for their next new build, because of the pleasing results.

Havfront is working closely with the industry to constantly develop Loppa to reach the demands on board. 24/7 service and immediate assistance are Havfront’s biggest advantages in the market. There are currently 23 machines on the market, and they have 8 new machines in production right now.
Marius Strømmen, CEO of Havfront, states that they are looking forward to a hectic season and are constantly working on making Loppa more user-friendly for a larger weight range.