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Havfront landing their biggest and most important contract to date
September 8, 2022

The fishing vessel Veidar is investing in a completely new factory and bringing the land-based Folla on board! 

New technology from Havfront will this autumn be taken on board Veidar, which will make heading and gutting(H/G) of fish with quality and a variety in fish species and size easier.
The new factory delivered by Optimar, will be equipped with both “Folla” and “Loppa100” from Havfront. 
They will be the first ones to ever take “Folla” on board, and are the second fishing vessel that relies only on Havfront’s H/G machines in their factory.

Proud supplier

Marius Strømmen and Odbbjørn Gudmundsen

Havfront is proud to be a supplier to MV Veidar.

– We are humble and proud of the fact that our technology is chosen over the technology that has been on the market since the dawn of time, and we are proud to be the sole supplier of H/G machines to such a large factory. This shows that our investment in new technology has been right, Marius Strømmen, CEO of Havfront, says.

After the upgrade of the factory and with one “Folla” and one “Loppa100” on board, it will have a capacity of up to 55 tons per day.


This machine has been developed in recent years for land-based facilities and has been welcomed by many companies so far. It has proven to be a machine with good capacity and can adjust itself automatically for both small and large fish. 

The machine has a capacity for H/G of 20 fish per minute, and you can slice the fish so precise that you can keep approx. 70% of whole roe and liver. The weight range for Folla is from 1-20kg and the machine requires that the fish has been stunned and bled beforehand.

The operator of the machine chooses which functions he wants to use and that means you can easily change production specifications during the operation.

LOPPA100 – Reliable machine for many customers

The Loppa heading and gutting machine is a well-tested machine by now. Since 2016 and the first machine was placed on board a fishing vessel, is has spread to 50 different vessels and land-based facilities. 

It has shown itself to be of great help for gutting and cutting of fish from 1-12 kg.

Easier workdays with new technology

Havfront and the crew on Veidar had several meetings to uncover potential challenges for a machine that has been developed for a land-based facility, which now has been placed on a fishing vessel.

– Through close dialogue, we have landed a cooperation agreement where personnel from Havfront will follow the customer closely to take on possible challenges that may arise in a factory that moves in bad weather, Oddbjørn Gudmundsen, Project manager at Havfront, says. 

– It will be exciting to collaborate with the ocean-going fleet to adapt our technology to their needs. The workday on the vessel will be completely different for both machinists and factory managers who have been used to machines developed in the 60s and 70s, Gudmundsen says.  

The collaboration between Veidar and Havfront will hopefully lead to a new standard where machines like FOLLA will be chosen for factory solutions.

– It is very exciting that the ocean-going fleet wants to take FOLLA on board and think completely new when it comes to technology, CEO Strømmen says.

You can read more about Havfront’s machines here.