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Live fish carrier Ro Spirit, designed by Skipskompetanse, is now ready
November 6, 2023
MV Ro Spirit is the 11th live fish carrier delivered to Rostein AS and designed by Skipskompetanse.
She is equipped for open and closed transport of fish and smolt, and is built for a capacity of 12 people.  
First in the world
Ro Spirit is the world’s first live fish carrier to be fitted with bow foils from Wavefoil. The bow foils will convert wave energy directly into propulsion, reduce ship movements for improvement in fish welfare and increase comfort on board for crew members.
The bow foils have a wingspan of almost 8 meters in active position and the concept has been developed in collaboration with Rostein AS, Skipskompetanse, Wavefoil and I.P Huse.
Excited for the future
Rostein states in a press release that they are in the end phase of testing and that they are excited to see how the equipment works once they start using the vessel. This is a vessel that shows how important the aquaculture industry has become for the maritime sector and they have many customers who will enjoy the new vessel.


Name: Ro Spirit
Designer: Skipskompetanse SK6000 DM LFC III
Shipyard: Larsnes Mek Verksted AS
Ship owner: Rostein AS
Lenght: 79,27 meters
Width: 15,00 meters
Tonnage: 2999
Propulsion system: Diesel Mechanical
Tank capacity: