Måløy Maritime Group
Modernizing the Norwegian Fishing Fleet
September 21, 2020

Naval Consult was challenged by Arnøytind AS to design the most environmentally friendly fishing vessel possible. This week it was announced that the local shipyard Stadyard has landed the contract to build the new vessel, which will be a part of the fishing future. This is a major contract that will generate activity for many of Måløy Maritime Group’s members.

Designed by Naval Consult

The shipping company Arnøytind AS from Skjervøy wanted to build a completely new hybrid fishing vessel with the same name. The existing Arnøytind, which was designed by Naval Consult in 1998, met with designer and shipyard last week.
– It is very important for us to support the coast and the Norwegian shipbuilding industry. We have used Norwegian companies all the way and are very excited to yet again use Naval Consult for the design and build the new Arnøytind at Stadyard, says CEO of Arnøytind, Svein Roger Karlsen.
CEO at Naval Consult, Erlend Hagen, says the project gave them the opportunity to develop one of the most modern vessels on the Norwegian fishing fleet.
– We designed today’s Arnøytind 20 years ago. Together with the ship owner we have had several attempts to get started with the new vessel. In March 2019 Arnøytind AS contacted us again and said that everything was set to realize the new Arnøytind.

Likes the competition

CEO of Arnøytind AS, Svein Roger Karlsen, says there is a good reason for choosing Stadyard as the shipyard for building the new Arnøytind.
– We know they deliver great products, and they get praise for their vessels.
CEO at Stadyard, Agnar Lyng, likes the competition between shipyards and emphasizes the importance of the survival of the Norwegian shipbuilding industry.
– There were two good Norwegian shipyards competing to build the new Arnøytind and we got the honor to do it. It’s nice to have other strong Norwegian competitors, which helps us stay sharp and evolve. It is nice to work together with a local design company and fellow member of Måløy Maritime Group on this project. Lyng explaines that they have experience in this type of vessel.
– We specialize in fishing vessels up to 70 meters and with focus on this type of vessel. We built the first hybrid fishing vessels in Norway, Støttfjord and Trondskjær. Those projects earned us a lot of experience and helped us learn and solve different difficulties along the way. Experience from the previous fishing vessels of this type makes Stadyard ready to optimize the new Arnøytind, says Lyng.

Clear environmental focus

The ship owner demanded that there should be a strong focus on environmentally friendly operations, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Naval Consult faced the challenge head on.
– We were challenged to perform and make a good design to meet their demands. We put in a lot of work to optimize the hull lines that will give the vessel a good speed with low fuel consumption. Our brand has for several years been to design efficient and functional vessels, and this is a well thought out vessel in terms of both environmental considerations and function, explains Hagen.


The new Arnøytind will be a coastal vessel equipped for Purse seine and Danish seine and gets the yard number 47. The vessel will be 50,24 meters long and 12 meters wide.
The construction of the hull will start in Poland in November and the hull is expected to arrive at Raudeberg by the end of 2021. The delivery from yard to owner is scheduled for August 2022.