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MS Harvest ready for trawling again
October 5, 2020

New trawl warps deserve good winding from day one, and that is why purse seiner and pelagic trawler MS Harvest from Austevoll moored at Selstad last week.

The spooling of wire rope with tension reduces the risk of damage, increases stability and prolongs the lifetime of the wire rope. 

– At Selstad we have a fixed tension winch so that we can provide tension under controlled and safe conditions. Services on the vessel and/or the equipment is typically performed either by us or other MMG firms at the same time as the tension spooling goes on, says Marit Selstad, Head of Sales and Marketing at Selstad.

This makes the tension spooling service a fairly time efficient operation. 

MS Harvest is one of the few vessels that has Dyneema fiber warps instead of traditional trawl wire rope of steel. But this also needs tension spooling to get the right winding, in the same way as steel wire rope.

After some years with Dyneema fiber warps, they wanted to turn the warps’ inner end out.
– We took the 2 000 m long Dyneema fiber warps and delivered it back to the vessel’s trawl winches with tension varying between 14 to 18 tons. In addition, we spliced new eyes on the warps, explains Thomas Hjelle, Key Account Manager at Selstad. 

MS Harvest is now ready for trawling again, and Selstad wishes them good luck at the fishing grounds. 

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