Måløy Maritime Group
MV Frøyanes – one of a kind
January 4, 2024
The newbuild and multi-rig trawler MV Frøyanes has arrived at Måløy. The unique combination vessel is owned by the world’s largest longliner company, Ervik Havfiske, and sets a completely new standard.

First of its kind

MV Frøyanes is rigged as a crab catcher and trawler for shrimp. The vessel
Moonpool where the gear can be hauled directly into the vessel.
 is equipped with a large moonpool which is placed in the forward section of the hull, for handling crab pots with a completely new tail system. MV Frøyanes is the first vessel in the world equipped for crab catching through a moonpool.
With the moonpool, gear can be hauled directly into the vessel for gentler handling of the catch, also while sailing through ice. The moonpool provides a safer work environment and is less vulnerable to heavy weather. Unlike almost all other crabber-shrimpers, the crew on Frøyanes can work under a roof on a large working deck.

MV Frøyanes is now at the port of Måløy to prepare for the first fishing of snow crab at the fishing grounds far north of the Barents Sea.
CEO of Ervik Havfiske, Robert Ervik, is very happy to see the new vessel arriving at Måløy directly from Tersan Shipyard in Turkey

"Frøyanes" has finally arrived and we are very proud of this innovative and impressive vessel. There is no better port in Norway to equip a vessel, than at Måløy. Here we get all the help we need when we need it.
Robert Ervik
A lot of activity

The dock at Selstad is packed with equipment and products that will be loaded onto the vessel, and many members of Måløy Maritime Group have contributed.

9000 special designed pots delivered from Fiskevegn.

MHService has a contract with Ervik Havfiske for delivering lube oil and gass oil to all the vessels in the Ervik Group, including MV Frøyanes. To MV Frøyanes they have delivered around 500.000 liters of fuel and lube oil.

Westmek has deliveredhandling equipment for crab pots, conveyor, rope bin, rack for bait and hydraulic lifting bin for bait and anchor. All of the equipment was sent and installed by Westmek AS at Tersan Shipyard. 

As a world leading manufacturer of longline systems and fishing gear, Fiskevegn has supplied the snow crab fishing equipment, including 9000 special designed pots, complete rope solutions, buoys, grapnels and other fishing gear.

The crab season lasts until the beginning of May. After that, Frøyanes will travel back to Selstad for an equipment change to shrimp trawls delivered by Selstad. They have also delivered trawl doors by Thyborøn, including all deck equipment and wire rope from Oliveira.

Måløy Maritime Group is a complete service cluster with members that offer a complete range of maritime services to the fleet. Our members work 24/7 with providing vessels like MV Frøyanes with what they need.