Måløy Maritime Group
New contract for Skipskompetanse
November 2, 2021

Skipskompetanse announced today that they together with Jarle Bergs Sønner AS and Larsnes Mek have signed a contract for a brand new fishing vessel. 
The vessel will be named after the owner’s Trond and Børre Berg’s father; Jarle Berg. 

The fishing vessel Jarle Berg, a purse/danish seiner will have Larsnes Mek. Verksted’s build no. 72 and Skipskompetanse’s design designation SK-3151. The design has been adjusted and custom made in line with the owner’s preferences and operational profile.

The owner is, in addition to fishing, also involved in fish processing on shore. The vessel has therefore been designed to handle live fish with factory, as well as combined RSW/live fish tanks and a possibility to freeze in containers in the vessel’s cargo hold.

Trond and Børre are focused on building a vessel optimized for low emission and a new and innovative design. This means optimizing the hull design, installing a large propeller, two step gear, variable speed generator, take me home-technology as well as a battery pack of 1 MWh.

The vessel design continues from Larsnes Mek build no. 69, Nord-Fugløy and will feature a lot of the same ideas and arrangements, designed in line with the owner’s ideas.

The vessel will head for the fishing ground in August, 2023.

Details about the vessel: 

Owner: Jarle Bergs Sønner AS
Yard: Larsnes Mek Verksted
Design: SK-3151
Length: 50,7 m 
Width: 12.0 m
RSW: 499 m3
Battery: 1000kWh
Accomodation: 14 persons

Contact information: 

Shipowner: Trond Berg, tlf.: +47 922 28 835, e-mail: trond@brodreneberg.no 
Yard: Jarle Gunnarstein, tlf.: +47 915 61 630, e-mail: jarle@larsnes-mek.no
Designer: Per Jørgen Silden, tlf.: +47 416 66 861, e-mail: pjs@skipskompetanse.no