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New order for live fish carrier with Skipskompetanse design
January 3, 2022

The new live fish carrier ordered by Rostein AS designed by Skipskompetanse, will have the yard no. 71 at Larsnes Mek Verksted AS and will be the sister vessel to yard no. 67 “Ro Sailor” that was delivered to Rostein AS in July 2021.

The newbuild will be the 10th vessel in a series of live fish carriers that all base on the innovation project “Ro Arctic”. The design is based around a slimmer hull, optimized for transporting salmon and has a loading capacity of 2800 m3. The wells are arranged for open and closed transport of salmon and smolt.

– With this vessel Rostein is approaching 3,5 billion in new constructions at Larsnes Mek, and this is a statement on how important the aquaculture industry is for the maritime sector, says Jarle Gunnarstein at Larsnes Mek Verksted AS.

To take the design and experience from “Ro Sailor” one step further, the new vessel will be equipped with IMO Tier III- machinery and arranged to give both fish and crew a calm and comfortable journey. By optimizing the hull, lines and machinery for the vessel’s operation, they create an energy-efficient vessel with reduced emissions.

The vessel will during closed transport have zero emissions with top equipment like monitoring, purification of water circulation, UV-treatment of water in and out of the cargo, automatic cleaning- and disinfection system, as well as monitoring, regulation and logging of water parameters.

The hull will be built in Gdansk by Marine Projects and is scheduled for delivery in May 2023.

Main data: 

Length: 79,3 m 
Width: 15 m 
Propulsion: Diesel-mechanic
Accommodation: 12
Tank Capacity: 2800 m3
Class: DNV + 1A1, E0


Rostein AS: Odd Einar Sandøy, tlf: +47 911 70 043
Larsnes Mek:
 Jarle Gunnarstein, tlf: +47 915 61 630
Per Jørgen Silden, tlf: +47 416 66 816