Måløy Maritime Group
On the verge of completion
May 8, 2020

Stadyard at Raudeberg is now on the verge of completion of the vessel Stormhav. In 2018, the shipyard secured yet another contract for a new build and are now making the final touches before delivery.

Ready for trial fishing

The new vessel called Stormhav is designed and developed by the local shipdesign company Seacon and owned by Stormhav AS, a company originally from Bremanger, but now located on Sørøya in Finnmark. Stormhav is the eight Seacon-designed vessel Stadyard is building, and many of Måløy Maritime Group’s members have contributed on the building of this vessel.

When the hull for Stormhav was towed from Poland to Stadyard in October 2019, it was delayed five months. But last week, the vessel equipped for combining gil net and line fishing, had its first technical trial and is scheduled for trial fishing next week.

13 out of 15 members included

This vessel with all its beauty has the yard number 43. With Stadyard securing the contract, many of the members of Måløy Maritime Group have been included in delivering their services and participating in finalizing Stormhav. In fact, 13 of MMG’s 15 members have contributed with what they specialize in and do best. 

Working with Stormhav AS has been a great milestone for us at Havfront, because Stormhav was the first vessel to order a machine from us when we started the development 6 years ago. We want to thank Stormhav for what they did when we started the development of Loppa and that they are investing in two new machines from Havfront. To us, this is great vote of confidence.
Marius Strømmen, CEO at Havfront

We look forward to following this great vessel.

Here is a list of the members and what they have delivered for Stormhav:

Stadyard: Construction and shipyard
Båtbygg: Supply of parts and equipment
Ulvesund Elektro: Complete electrical installation of the vessel, alarm system, overall control system
Isovent: Delivered and installed ventilation, technical isolation of engine room, exhaust and freezer
Ocean Electronics: Navigation-, communication and fish locating equipment
Fiskevegn: Long-line
Selstad: Rescue equipment
Havfront: Two “Loppa”, the world’s smallest cutting and gutting machine
Westmek: Production, supply and assembly of factory equipment
Verlo: Main engine
MHService: Bunkers and oil
Nordfjord Havn: Port services

Main data about Stormhav:

Lenght o.a: 27,99 m
Width: 9,50 m
Depth to main deck: 4,60 m
Freezer: 206 cubic meters
Bunker capacity: 90 cubic meters
Arranged for 14 people