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Photo: Larsnes Mek

«Ro Vision» nominated for Ship of the Year 2020
May 26, 2020

Every second year, Skipsrevyen announces a winner for the award “Ship of the Year”. The nominees for 2020 are now ready. This year, the world’s first hybrid live fish carrier, MV “Ro Vision” is on the nominees list, in addition to MV “Yara Birkeland” and MS “Rev Ocean”.

In April this year, Rostein received their brand-new flag ship “Ro Vision” from Larsnes Mekaniske Verksted and is stated to be the start of green development in the live fish carrier-industry.
“Ro Vision” was designed by Skipskompetanse, a member of Måløy Maritime Group, together with Rostein and Larsnes Mek. This is the sixth vessel based on a joint design solution developed for Rostein.

“Ro Vision” as a hybrid has diesel electric propulsion and batteries. The power generation comes from the diesel generators and a fourth large battery compartment established according to regulations.  

It is great to be nominated and it’s not something that happens every year. The key word to succeed with a product like this is a skilled team, and you need to have a ship owner company who dare to look forward and push boundaries.
Per Jørgen Silde, CEO Skipskompetanse

The exhibition SMM in Hamburg where the winner usually is announced, is postponed to 2021, but instead Skipsrevyen will arrange an award ceremony in Bergen, the 16th of September 2020. The ceremony will be formal and also streamed online on their website so everyone can take part, both nationally and internationally.


We wish MS “Ro Vision” good luck!

Read more about the nominees and cast your vote here. 

Vessel specifications:
Length: 84,20 meters
Witdh: 15.50 meters
Tonnage: 3623
Engine: Yanmar 6EY22ALW
Gear: Finnøy G70F
Thrusters: Brunvoll
Battery Pack: Siemens