Måløy Maritime Group

From the left: Frode Johnsen and Erik Engebretsen

Selstad is increasing their investment in local quality rope
November 12, 2020

To ensure customers important equipment in a time of global uncertainty, Selstad has expanded their own rope production. The company has had a 38% increase in the production of ropes compared to last year, and has created three new positions at the rope factory in Måløy as a result of the growth.

Upscaling and increasing their staff

Head of Rope and Safety Equipment at Selstad, Erik Engebretsen, sees many advantages in expanding the rope production at the factory in Måløy.
– It gives us 100% control of our value chain, and thus also the quality of the Selstad rope. In addition, it is positive with everything that is local, says Engebretsen.

In a situation where there is a great uncertainty associated with global deliveries, the expansion of rope production helps to ensure predictability for Selstad and customers. 

– To keep the production in Norway makes us less vulnerable in terms of the guarantee of our deliveries. Local production gives us high flexibility and that is really important to our customers, Engebretsen states. 

The Selstad rope is used by most players in the maritime industry. For fishing, the Danish seine rope is an important component as fishing gear on the Danish seine fleet.

Other types of ropes from Selstad are also important parts for trawls, bags and mooring for aquaculture.  

 – All types of vessels can use our ropes for mooring and towing. And if a rope breaks and they are in need of a fast replacement, Selstad will rush to help, Engebretsen explains.

Combines special expertise with new ideas

Engebretsen has been manager at Selstad since August last year. He is originally from Bergen and has worked several years as a manager at Fjordkraft and the Norwegian navy before he stepped in as a manager of the only remaining rope factory in Northern Europe.

Engebretsen emphasizes that it is in close collaboration with the chairman of the rope factory, Frode Johnsen, that the expansion of the production has been possible in a country like Norway.

Johnsen has over 30 years of experience in the production and development of ropes, and leads a team with special expertise in its field.

– The team has a unique expertise in this area and the combination of established knowledge with new ideas provides an exciting starting point, Engebretsen says.

Product development with a focus on crab fishing and reuse

At the same time as production is being scaled up, product development also takes up much of the focus and is something Johnsen works with on a daily basis.

– We are just in the process of developing a rope for use on crab lines, and especially for snow crab and king crab fishing.

We produce it so that the rope will stay stable longer and at the same time reduce spinning, Johnsen explains.

Selstad produces its own fiber, which is particularly hard and durable, and makes high quality rope.

This fiber is also well suited for the production of crab ropes.

– This is the same fiber that we use in our renowned Danish seine rope. We regularly get feedback from customers that the Selstad rope lasts more than twice as long as other ropes.
The rope also has a positive effect on the environment, says Johnsen.

In addition to this, Selstad works on finding good solutions for receiving recycling used fishing gear.

Increase of staff to meet high demand

During the summer this year, Selstad has hired three new employees at the rope factory in Måløy. 

– It is important for us to help create jobs in strong coastal communities such as Måløy, Engebretsen says.

Engebretsen emphasizes that Danish seine ropes, which are among Selstad’s most important rope products, will continue to be a top priority. 

– We will continue to be the preferred supplier on the market, Engebretsen concludes.