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Skipskompetanse with new contract for live fish carrier
December 9, 2020

The Chilean owner Naviera Orca has ordered a live fish carrier from Larsnes Mek and is designed by Skipskompetanse.
– The new vessel will be a cornerstone to ensure the fish’s well-being in a cost-optimal way, says CEO of Naviera Orca. 

The live fish carrier’s design is built on the latest newbuild for Rostein, currently being towed to Larsnes for outfitting.

The newbuild to Chile will be Larsnes build no. 68. Based on the experience gained from previous newbuilds for Rostein, the project for Naviera Orca uses the best solutions and innovations for treatment and transport of live fish. 
The design identification of the vessel is SK-6100 DM LFC II.
The vessel is a medium sized live fish carrier and will be equipped for fresh water treatment of fish. Length will be 79.3 m, width 15 m and cargo capacity will be 2800 m3.

The vessel will have the latest in equipment for zero emissions during closed transport with monitoring and purification of water. It will have a filter system for collecting lice, UV treatment of water in and out of the cargo holds as well as automatic washing and disinfection systems.

Necessary in Chile

– The vessel, the technology, the efficiency and the size is just right for our industry at the moment, and will be a cornerstone to ensure the fish’s well-being. This is the kind of technology needed in Chile, says CEO of Naviera Orca, Ezequias Alliende in a statement.