Måløy Maritime Group
Stadyard delivering brand new Skår Senior to its owner
March 28, 2022

Stadyard’s latest newbuild yard.no. 46, Skår Senior, has been handed over to the shipowner Roy Skår. He is very happy with the new Skår Senior and states that Stadyard has every reason to be proud.

Skår Senior is a combined purse seine and pelagic trawler and will fish for capelin, herring, and mackerel. The hull and propulsion systems are optimized for low fuel oil consumption and low emissions to the environment.

Impressive collaboration

The new pelagic vessel will replace MV Jøkul and the shipowner has been at Stadyard almost every day throughout the equipping period.

– The work done at Stadyard is nothing less than impressive. The great collaboration throughout the construction period has made this a fantastic process, Roy Skår says.

Shipowner Roy Skår started the company together with his sister, father, and Jan Arve Drabløs in 1994, and this is not the first time they have worked with the fishing and shipyard community around Måløy.

– This is the second newbuild delivered to us from Raudeberg. The previous vessel with the name Skår Senior was delivered from Båtbygg AS at Raudeberg back in 2002. We also bought the vessel Sildaskjær here, so we almost consider us as locals, Skår says.

Extensive number of local subcontractors and suppliers

The brand new vessel is developed with a close cooperation among subcontractors and suppliers, many of them are members of Måløy Maritime Group. 

Project Manager at Stadyard, Trond Kongshaug, says this is a product they are proud to deliver. 

– This is the first vessel we deliver to Herøy municipality, and we have done as we usually do with our newbuilds; use as many local suppliers as possible. A large part of the members of Måløy Maritime Group are involved, such as Ulvesund Elektro as the total supplier for the electrical and all electronics, Verlo has delivered the engine that comes from Yanmar and also Isovent, Sentronik and Båtbygg have been very involved, Kongshaug says.

Skår Senior will be christened at the shipowner’s own quay in Fosnavåg on May 7.
– We expect to be ready for fishing May 18th this year and we plan to start on the North Sea herring, Roy Skår says.

Måløy Maritime Group congratulates!  

Loading capacity: 500m3 and around 420 tonnes
Length: 48,3 meters
Width: 12 meters
Crew: 10