Stadyard AS has signed contracts with Oma Kyst AS and Jari AS

Stadyard AS in Måløy has signed contracts with the shipping companies Oma Kyst AS by Arild Sekkingstad and the jointly owned shipping company Jari AS by Emil, Håkon and Johannes Økland for the construction of two new coastal vessels. 

Johannes Økland (left) from the jointly owned shipping company Jari AS and Arild Sekkingstad from Oma Kyst AS. PHOTO: PRIVATE

The vessels are designed and developed by Seacon AS in Måløy with the design designation SC15 and will be equipped for seine net fishing and trawling. The new builds are a further development of “T.A Senior”, the shipyard’s building number 39, delivered in 2017, writes Stadyard in a press release.

Oma Kyst AS’s vessel will be the shipyard’s building number 48 and be named “Katrine S”, and Pr Jari AS’s vessel will be the shipyard’s building number 49 and be called “Kalsøybas”.

Both vessels are to be delivered in the summer of 2025.

Oma Kyst is a fishing company with its main activity in coastal fishing and is located in Austevoll municipality. The company already owns the seiner “Radek” in addition to the coastal vessel “Oma” which fishes for herring, mackerel, and other species.

The shipping company is pleased with the new investment.

“In the long term, this, together with quota purchases, will increase activity and profitability, recruit more people to the industry, and not least facilitate further operation for the next generation,” says Arild Sekkingsstad.

The jointly owned shipping company Jari is a family-owned shipping company in Austevoll, established in 2014 by Emil, Håkon, and Johannes Økland. The company operates coastal fishing for whitefish and pelagic species with several boats and has had solid growth in recent years.

“We want to continue our growth with a focus on sustainability, environment, and local value creation. With this investment, the shipping company ensures that the operation becomes more efficient and environmentally friendly, and the crew gets a safe and comfortable workplace,” says Johannes Økland.

 The vessels will have the following primary data: Length o.a.: 14.99 m, Width: 8.00 m, RSW tanks: 120 m3, Fuel oil: 20 m3.

Photo: Seacon AS