Måløy Maritime Group
MV Teigenes chose Båtbygg as local ship yard for repairs
December 1, 2020

When the purse seine Teigenes grounded at the far end of Lofoten, it was towed for 3,5 days to Båtbygg at Raudeberg to be repaired. It is estimated that the repair will last for about 1,5 months.

Teigenes from Herøy in Møre og Romsdal was on its way to Værøy to deliver 600 tons of herring when the accident happened. 

After being examined more closely, it turned out that the vessel had suffered so much damage to the hull and rudder that it was necessary to be docked for repair.
The towing from Svolvær to Raudeberg took three and a half days.

A good relationship with Båtbygg

– It’s not easy to get in the dock on such short notice. We wanted to use Båtbygg for the repair, as we have done many times before. We use Båtbygg because we have a good experience with them, says CEO of Teigenes AS, Terje Teige.

CEO at Båtbygg, Kjell Inge Sjåstad, says they have a very good collaboration with Teigenes AS and they have had a good relationship for many years. 

– I’m happy that they wanted to come to Båtbygg this time too. We hope Teigenes will be ready in January, so it can participate in the winter fishing for Norwegian spring-spawning herring, concludes Sjåstad.