Måløy Maritime Group

Work fields


Skipskompetanse and Naval Consult specialize in the design and engineering of vessels, and have many years’ experience in this field. Available services include:

  • Vessel design and engineering
  • Calculations, drawings and documentation
  • Project management and supervision
  • Assistance with tender, negotiation and contracting
  • 3D design studies and visualization

Shipyard services

There are two ship yards in Måløy undertaking the following types of projects:

  • Newbuild projects
  • Conversions
  • Maintenance and repairs

Slipway: 60×14 m
Crane: 1000 MT
Quays: 200 m, waterdepth of 6 to 11 m
Workshops: Aluminum workshop, steel workshop, pipw workshop, mechanical workshop and assembly hall.

Slipway: 8-18 m
Dock: 148×24 m
Crane: 4000 MT
Quays: 400 m, waterdepth at high tide max 9 m
Hall: Hangar covering parts of the quays, allowing for any type of above water work regardless of weather conditions.

Fishing gear

Two of the companies in Måløy Maritime Group manufacture and supply fishing gear for the fleet.

Selstad has more than 60 years’ experience as both a producer and supplier of fishing gear. Their products include:

  • Bottom trawl nets
  • Pelagic trawl
  • Purse seine
  • Danish seine
  • Gill nets, traps and longlines for the coastal fleet
  • Rope
  • Life raft stations

Fiskevegn is a leading international manufacturer and total supplier of automatic longline systems. They are the only remaining longline manufacturer in Europe, giving them an unbroken line of industry know-how for the last 45 years. Their products include:

  • Deep-sea longlines
  • Coastal longlines
  • Hooks
  • All required longline fishing accesories

Technical equipment and services

The MMG cluster has three companies that specialize in the sourcing, production and installation of equipment and systems within the following areas:

  • Electrical installation services
  • Ventilation and insulation systems
  • Radio and communications systems
  • Onboard cargo storage and conveyor systems
  • On board cutting and gutting systems

The companies

  • Ulvesund Elektro
  • Westmek
  • Havfront
  • Ocean Electronics
  • Isovent

General supplies

Three of the companies in MMG can provide all necessary supplies and equipment for the fleet:

  • Bunkers and lubricants
  • Fire prevention services
  • Provisions and packaging
  • Tools

The companies

  • Verlo AS
  • Måløy Havneservice
  • Sentronik

Port and fish landing facilities

  • 1,5 km of quay in the port of Måløy
  • Water, electricity, bunkers
  • Fishmeal factories
  • State of the art processing factories for pelagic species
  • Cold Storages for both pelagic and white fish
  • Landing and processing facility for white fish (from coastal vessels)
  • Sales and trading

The companies

  • Maaløy Seafood
  • Nordfjord Havn