Måløy Maritime Group

Fishing gear & Equipment

Two of the companies in Måløy Maritime Group manufacture and supply fishing gear for the fleet.

Selstad has more than 60 years’ experience as both a producer and supplier of fishing gear. Their products include:

  • Bottom trawl nets
  • Pelagic trawl
  • Purse seine
  • Danish seine
  • Gill nets, traps and longlines for the coastal fleet
  • Rope
  • Life raft stations

Fiskevegn is a leading international manufacturer and total supplier of automatic longline systems. They are the only remaining longline manufacturer in Europe, giving them an unbroken line of industry know-how for the last 45 years. Their products include:

  • Deep-sea longlines
  • Coastal longlines
  • Hooks
  • All required longline fishing accesories

Service point for the North Sea